Earthstock 2018

April 27th was a record day for the Earthstock family.  We reached close to, if not more than, 800 guests at the Crystal Ballroom.  Every year we look forward to seeing everyone celebrating, and having a good time.  I want to thank several people and groups for their support this year.

Mcmenamin’s Crystal Ballroom – I take incredible pride in our relationship with such an amazing, historical, and just plain cool space.  Walking down the halls and around the stairs, knowing that our poster hangs in the midst of incredible artists from the 60’s 70’s all the way to current artists is pretty dang cool.  I want to especially mention Kyle, Jonathan and the Crystal staff  who look out for us every year.  Thank you guys.

Lenny Gotter – Lenny has given of his time and talent year after year making the event even more special for our guests.  Lenny’s talents go way beyond photography, some of us got an impromptu opera aria from Pagliacci.   At least I think it was Pagliacci, my opera knowledge is a little rusty.

Superhero Coalition – For the last few years we have had visitors to our event.  This year we saw Elsa (from Frozen), Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four Arch Enemy), Sue Storm (The Fantastic Four), Mr Marvel and Black Widow (The Avengers)

Nike – Our t-shirts this year were donated by NIKE.  The looked great.  We also received discounted printing from Oregon Screen Images.  Thank you to both of those companies.

The Volunteers – For over two decades, some of the greatest people I know have given their time and energy to support this event.  Every year we see new faces, and we see those who have continued to volunteer year after year.  It is only with their support that I can continue to make Earthstock happen.

My Family – My wife Roo, continually supports me and keeps me sane through all of the stress that is Earthstock.  My brother Aaron, who continues to “Just Do It”  whatever is needed he gets it done., and my mother; My mother tells it to me like it is.  Every year after the dance she takes me aside and tells me everything that needs to be done better.

The Schools and Teachers – Having spent several years as an EA in a classroom, I realize the difficulties in planning a field trip, transporting students and keeping track of and caring for them.  Thank You

Christy Howell – What an incredible person you are.  With the crazy year you had, to know that you always have Earthstock in your plan is very special to me.  I cannot image Earthstock without you, you are awesome.

Tim Hallrud – Tim is a whirlwind trapped inside an amazing heart.  Tim gives until it hurts, always there to look out for not only Earthstock, but me as well.  His involvement in Earthstock is unwavering,  and he pushes his friends to continue to be involved, whether it is by volunteering at the dance, or donating funds.  Tim is the force behind the scenes, although many of you have met him as he greets you at the door.

To everyone who has read this far, know that I appreciate you.  Earthstock started as a little way to get out of the classroom, but it is the constant support of family and friends that made it grow.  Every year the Earthstock family grows and develops, and every year it touches more people.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thank You


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