Board of Directors

Tony Nitz, Earthstock founder, is a scheduling specialist in the IT department of Portland Public Schools (Oregon). He has worked with the district for more than 24 years in several capacities.

During his first few years working with kids, Tony met Joseph Janson, a student who’d been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. When Joseph asked Tony if the school could have a dance for youth with special needs, Tony started Earthstock–a prom for students with special needs.

24 years later Earthstock has grown to more than 700 dancers, staff and volunteers in one of the hippest dance spots in the west–McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom in southwest Portland.

Tony is also a director for Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. He shares his home with his wife, four dogs, seven foster parrots and three birds.

Tim Hallrud, executive director, discovered Earthstock four years ago, at the prompting of a friend.  That first experience was so joyous and inspiring that Tim immediately joined the volunteer team. Shortly afterwards, Tim was named executive director.

Photo of Tim Hallrud, executive director, Earthstock
Tim Hallrud, executive director, Earthstock.

Tim embraced Earthstock so passionately and deeply that he got a tattoo of the Earthstock logo on his shoulder (and he had no tattoos before that)!  Obviously, this is no normal volunteer connection or experience for Tim. He’s fully committed.

Tim works as a project manager at Nike, where he has been making epic stuff happen for more than 20 years.  He has been a prolific volunteer and non-profit organizer, with a general love of people and a commitment to helping.

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